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The new adventures starring Luigi's enemy

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Psycho Waluigi
Pyscho Waluigi is a platformer that, uses the same gameplay as Mario yet adds a bit more style to give itself a fun mix.

The innovations include the ability to pick up objects and enemies using your psychic powers such as suspending them in the air with the click of a mouse or using them as a missile to kill off other enemies or break obstacles. Also, some enemies will attack their own kind while you mind control them.

The game's objective, as would be expected, is to finish the 30 levels that make up the game. In addition you'll have to try to get the highest score. Your score goes up as you pick up tons of coins that pop out of blocks and the bad guys.

Psycho Waluigi is a fun game that stays true to the original Super Mario series while adding new elements that make the game even more addictive.

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  • LicenseFree
  • Op. System Windows
  • Category Platform
  • Language English
  • Author
  • Security level98% safe
  • Size27.99MB
  • Downloads1,252
  • Date 11.23.11

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